The Urban Trekkr

Adventures in Urban Exploration


The Urban Trekkr is dedicated to the adventures to be found in exploring cities and towns throughout the world. Mile for mile and block for block, there are far more interesting sites and experiences to be found in a new city than in a new wilderness.

Don’t get us wrong, we like the wide open spaces as much as anyone, but what we really like is to discover and explore the secret path, the oceanfront promenade, the hidden stairway, or the neglected historical sight. And in cities, unlike in the wilderness, the out of the way street food cart, the neighborhood pub, the new friend, or the local’s hidden eating spot may always be just around a nondescript corner.

Here we share thoughts, impressions, and routes from some of the places the Urban Trekkr has explored and give our community the opportunity to share their favorite places. We don’t plan to go to the work of publishing detailed maps and travelogues, although we don’t prohibit our community from doing so if that floats their boat. We think that setting out a detailed itinerary kind of takes away the adventure of discovering a new route that appeals to you and of taking the road less traveled. Plus, when you spend a good part of your adventure looking down at some else’s map, you just might miss something.

Enjoy the site. Have adventures. Tell us about them. Meet up with us somewhere.

Happy Trekking!